Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gain a little perspective

I don't understand how amazingly, astoundingly thick and insensitive some people can be. How can people have such low EQ? Are they just dumb? Perhaps. Are they just ignorant and too egotistical to realise that THEY have no right to put others down because the truth is they're not as "high up" or "great" as they think they are? They diss people, put others down because it gives themselves a sense of being superior, of having higher standards, it makes them feel like they can snob these lesser beings who are ugly/pathetic/unpopular.

Reality check. Mature the fuck up. This is directed at every single person who has ever looked at someone whom they have never talked to and said to their friends something along the lines of, "Ew, what the fuck what an ugly whore" / "Ew what's wrong with her face?" / "That's fucking hideous" / "Guess he could always paper bag that shit". Maybe you grew up being influenced by goddamn mob psychology, you and your friends think you're the most high-class walking shits of the fucking school, maybe you give in to peer pressure easily and you're a sheep who follows the cool and fucking badass crowd. Well, we're all adults now. Time to mature the fuck up and stop acting like you have the emotional range of a 5-year-old.

If you can feel sorry for yourself for getting dumped, getting cheated on, having no friends, getting shit grades, well then you can gain a little perspective and start feeling empathy for other human beings that deserve basic respect. Karma's a bitch and if something tragic and first world happened to you then boohoo go have a cry and make yourself feel like you've endured so much tragic hardship. But karma's a bitch so it's probably because you did something to deserve it in the first place. If you make stupid decisions and do things you know you shouldn't, it'll come back to bite you. Instead of being a little bitch about it, why don't you try change your outlook instead?

There are people who don't deserve respect. People who have done terrible, despicable things and don't regret them or feel remorse. But those people are rare. Most people? Most people are decent people,  decent human beings who deep down have their hearts in the right place. Who don't deserve the sort of judgement you're ready to pass upon them because they look different or they don't act to the norm or they're not as fucking precious looking as you, sorry about that Mr. face of a fucking god. Of course everyone judges people by their appearance, it's human. But there's a difference between formulating a first impression from an appearance to insulting this person you never even talked to properly based on their appearance to other people, spreading uncalled for negativity about them. About this person who's done nothing to you.

Why can't you see that sometimes one of those remarks of "ugly", if heard by the person it was meant for, could be the start of a negative though that could snowball into something terrible? Something like anorexia, something like depression, something like anxiety-disorder or self-harm or suicide. How is it possible for people to not be able to realise that?

How is it possible for these people, these thick-skinned people, to not realise that, to have never have thought about the consequences and emotional trauma that can be the result of their careless 'jokes', and yet still be shameless enough to hear a story like Amanda Todd's and say something completely hypocritical like "Oh I feel so guilty and sorry for her, it's sad that people can be so mean to drive a girl to suicide."

That's fucking precious.

It's like when KONY 2012 became viral, suddenly all these people who didn't give a single fuck, didn't know, didn't care, about any problems in undeveloped countries, any of the thousands of children dying every single minute, any of the much more cruel, inhumane and horrifying things happening all across the world every single day on a much larger scale, well suddenly all these people started to pretend they gave a fuck.

And why? Because it was viral. Because suddenly caring was viral and it made you feel part of the crowd. Mob psychology again.It made you feel like you should care because everyone else cares. And when the hype dies down, when it's forgotten, they go back to not knowing or caring. They go back to being naive and ignorant enough to swallow whatever bullshit the media and anyone with a youtube account wants them to swallow.

These people have no right to care. Because they lack the common sense, the EQ, the understanding of one basic trait humans should possess: of being able to put oneself in another's shoes, see things from their perspective - Treating others how you want to be treated. Is it really that hard? Are people these days so emotionally dead that they can't even try to perceive what it would feel like to be the person you just put down, the person you just insulted, joked about, bullied?

Like there are many more inhumane incidents out there that are larger and much more terrible than KONY, there are also hundreds, thousands, millions more bullying incidents out there happening every single day, that are much worse than what happened to Amanda Todd. People who are meant to be mature and educated enough to realise this but who didn't, need to gain a little perspective, spend time and raise their EQ, spend time to learn how to think before they speak and put themselves into other's shoes. Shed some of that fucking immaturity which allows them to think that a joke is always a joke no matter how far.

Why do I always like to see a lot of people as pretty? Because I genuinely believe so. Beauty is overrated, everyone has a form of beauty that people need to learn to see and appreciate. Everyone has redeeming qualities. Everyone has their own worth. Everyone deserves the common courtesy of respect from someone who don't know them well enough to have the right to judge them.

What is wrong with being nice? With spreading positivity and compliments instead of negativity and insults? Is it honestly that hard? What happened to seeing the best in people?

I don't care if my argument is flawed and I committed a dozen fallacies. I don't care if I swore too much and came across as crass and hypocritical. I genuinely believe in everything I've said thus far. It makes me so angry and furious that so many of my friends fall under the category of those insensitive and emotionally immature people I described above. It makes me so, so angry and furious that young people these days can be so close minded and caught up in their own little pathetic dramas and problems.

Maybe I'm too righteous. Maybe I'm too idealistic and naive as well.

But whoever's reading this. Get off your high horse and put your feet on the ground. Do something. Do something.

Is it honestly that hard?